Cap Mona Family Scholarship Fund

310 Years of Scholarship Giving

A Family Legacy of Giving

The Spirit of Giving

The Susan and Andrew Mona Foundation is at the core of the tenants of Giving in the Vincent "Cap" Mona Family and his business groups.

The Foundation was stated to honor his wife, Sue, and their son Andy who both died at relatively young ages.

The Foundation exists primarily to uphold the message of kindness, grace and love, that Sue and Andy had abundances of.

And these same qualities were bestowed by them not only to their families but along to their employees and the general community. With this our credo we wish to continue in Sue and Andy's memory the care and concern for our fellow man, that they fostered in their short lives.

And to that extent we want to assist those in need and to take special care of the very young and the aged of our communities on a one on one personal basis, and to garner a personal relationship with their families, devoting our time, talent and treasure and above all, our love to assist, support, encourage and inspire those in need.

And also support those who wish to advance the Human Cause wherever the need.


Team Spirit - Team Success

We couldn't do all the Community Work that we have done or intend to do in the future without the caring and concerned hard working individuals who comprise the Mona Teams.

Between The Mona Electrical Group { 48 yrs in business } and the Port Tobacco Restaurant & Marina Group { 40 yrs in business } and the Three Palms Development Group { Naples FL } we employ over 600 Team Members.

While we give each individual an opportunity to grow in their business and community outreach skills, they are the people that put forth the extreme effort to not only support our diverse causes but who make them all the success that these following pages depict! A Big 'Thank You'... To each and every Team Member! And...May, "God Bless you too"!